• What happens on the day?
    • 7 am to 8 am – Registration check-in  (T-shirt & Spalding ball collection)
    • 8 am – Participants meet at MSAC in the Show Courts. 
    • First Bounce Team departs MSAC at 8: 15 am.
    • Teams depart MSAC, walk past Albert Park Lake and enter Lakeside Stadium.
    • Teams will do a lap of the Lakeside athletics track and return back to MSAC.
    • Bounce teams meet in the main basketball hall for more fun and engaging activities.
    • Refer to EVENT page
  • How far is the walk?
    • With one lap of the Athletics track, the entire walk is approximately 2.5 kilometres.
  • What if I wish to attend but cannot or do not wish to do the walk?
    • That is fine and understandable. If you are part of a bounce team but do not wish to bounce around the track, you can collect your T-shirt and go to the main basketball hall to get involved or watch activities.
  • Can I bring my own ball?
    • You can purchase a Spalding basketball along with your registration.
    • Buying the Spalding ball is not essential and you can participate without a basketball.
  • What if I miss my designated Bounce Team departure time?
    • No problem. If you miss your designated time slot, you will join the next team departing from MSAC.
  • What if it is raining?
    • Good question. While we will be praying to the basketball gods for perfect weather, there is always a chance that the weather will not go our way. Your safety is a key priority and organisers will make the call on the day.
    • In the event that the outdoor activity is simply out of the question, the main basketball hall at MSAC will be utilized as a walking track for participants.
    • We will also be running a variety of basketball activities in the Main Hall for the duration of the event.
  • What are the prizes for the people and teams who raise the most money?
    • Basketball prizes will be aplenty and valued items of memorabilia. This event is supported by the basketball community and there will be a bias towards basketball prizes, but not limited to just basketball.
  • How long will the event run for?
    • Registration commences at 7am
    • The event starts at 8am and finishes at 12pm, however, it is up to you as to how long you wish to stay.
  • Where can I park?
    • We encourage using public transport however, there are parking areas in the MSAC precint but this comes at a fee.
    • Refer to EVENT INFO page
  • Ball in Lake?
    • Yes there is a chance that your basketball will bounce into Albert Park Lake, however, the chances are low. On the day we will have volunteers to try and avoid this happening.
    • Those volunteers will help retrieve the basketball out of the water if it does happen.
    • Worse case scenario is we will replace your basketball.
  • What should I bring?
    • You do not need to bring anything specific, however, feel free to bring a drink bottle or hat. Water stations are also available at MSAC.


  • Is the course accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

    Yes of course

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