• Basketball Victoria, Dementia Australia, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and Chase Basketball are joining forces to hold an exciting inaugural event called ‘Bounce Dementia’.
  • Using the world-class Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and with the support of the world’s best sport, basketball, our collective aim is to run a high-value program for attendees, the carers and the support network of people living with dementia and dementia-related disorders.


Pictured is Nigel’s mother-in-law Faye


  • As a very proud Melbournian and an honoured and active member of the Basketball Victoria Community, Nigel Purchase is the founder of Bounce Dementia. Nigel has his own personal connection with dementia, with Nigel’s mother-in-law Faye living with advanced Alzheimer’s.
  • Nigel has seen and experienced the trauma that surrounds this disease. Witnessing the grief and stress that Faye’s husband Brian and immediate family are enduring, it demonstrates that the disease causes major issues beyond the person living with dementia. Bounce Dementia is basketball’s way of supporting the dementia community and helping to address some of these challenges.
  • ‘Our aim, through funds raised from Bounce Dementia, is to implement programs and social initiatives that make those close to this illness aware that there is help available. Creating environments and events that enable meaningful conversations, compassionate connections, and empathetic settings to help the carers understand that……. THEY ARE NOT ALONE’. 

~ Nigel Purchase, Director, Chase Basketball

  • Like Nigel, most of us have felt the impact of dementia at some point in our lives. Dementia can be tough on family and friends as it is on the person living with the disorder. So let’s unite to Bounce for Dementia, in honour of the people affected by dementia and help raise funds for carers of people living with dementia.
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